1: is it possible to send the abstract and then the full paper?

Ans: No, only the full papers are considered for review.


2: If my paper is selected and I am not able to appear for oral presentation, will get the presentation certificate?

Ans: You can present your paper online through SKYPE and you will get presentation certificate.


3: Is there any discount for more than one paper?

Ans: Yes, you can contact at info@socrd.org


4: Is there any tour with discount for participants?

Ans: No, but we can help you regarding tourism nearby conference venue. Please visit our website.


5: Is there any pre acceptance letter for organizations and paper registration fee receipt?

Ans: Yes, after paying the registration fee.


6: Is it possible to pay not-attending fee and use not the conference package, lunch, coffee break and only present the paper in the hotel?

Ans: No, the attending fee is not limited to conference package, lunch, coffee break. The hotel entrance, using the equipment and reviewing process are also included in the attending fee.


7: What is the MIN and MAX page numbers of the paper?

Ans: The MIN page numbers are THREE and the MAX page numbers are not limited. But after SIX pages the every extra page will be charged.


Q 8: Is there any certification for not-attending papers?

Ans: Yes, there is. These certifications will be sent to the postal addresses of not-attending corresponding authors .


Q 9: Can we add/delete co-authors after submission?

Deletion of authors is NOT permissible.  For adding co-authors, you need to produce an NOC from the original author(s) and submit it along with other documents.


Q 10: If paper has multiple authors, How many authors have to pay the fees for the Conference.

Ans: At least one payment is MUST for the paper to be registered and presented by any one of the author during the conference.  One payment will make one author to attend the conference. Other authors of the same paper can register separately to attend the conference


Q 11: Can any of the other authors of the paper attend the conference on my behalf?

Ans: Yes.


Q 12: Will a PhD Research Scholar would be considered under Student registration?

Ans: Yes, but he/she has to present his/her current student ID.


Q 13: Will all the authors get certificates?

Ans: Only the participating authors will get the certificates.


Q 14: Is there any limit for number of authors?

Ans: No. Yes, there may be maximum five authors in a paper.


Q 15: Is the registration fee refundable?

Ans: No.