ICRDSTHM-17 Papers, April 28-29, 2017 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

SRD launched The International Conference on Recent Developments in Science, Technology, Humanities and Management (ICRDSTHM-17) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The research papers presented in the conference are given below :

S. No. Title
1 Preface
2 Keynote address by Prof. (Dr.) Hamzah A. Rahman
3 Variation of Carbon Dioxide over SAARC Countries during the 1971-2010
R. Bhatla, Anuradha Patel, M. Singh
4 Flow Imaging in a Vertical Gravity Flow Rig Using Optical Tomography
Sallehuddin Ibrahim, Mohd Amri Md Yunus, Mohd Taufiq Md Khairi
5 Medical Data Analytics for Sophisticated Health Infrastructure: A Critical Analysis of Curriculum Components of International Universities
P.K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, A. Das
6 A review of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Akash Kushwah, Rajendra Kumar
7 An optimized WRED to improve Quality of Service in Cloud-MANET
Shweta Singh, Surbhi Kurra, Arun Kumar Tripathi
8 Applicability of Cloud Computing in Education: A contemporary overview in Indian Perspectives
Subhendu Chatterjee
9 Internet Society (ISOC) its Past, Present with reference to Future Potentiality: A study
Bishnu Raman Misir
10 Comparative Analysis of Noise Removal Algorithms
K. N. Dheeraj, Chaitanya Subhedar, Jayakrishnan Ashok, Parth Gupta, Jagdish Chandra Patni
11 An effective model of effort estimation for Cleanroom software development approach
Hitesh Kumar Sharma, Manan Jindal, Komal Munjal, Anurag Jain
12 Evolution of e-Governance in India and Comparative Study of its Various Policies
Prakash Chandra Behera, Somanjoli Mohapatra, Chinmaya Dash
13 Algorithm Analysis Tool Based on Execution Time- Input Instance-based Runtime Performance Benchmarking
Piyush Mishra, Vivek Patel, Parul Mittal, J C Patni
14 Explain Plan and SQL Trace the Two Approaches for RDBMS Tuning
Hitesh Kumar Sharma, Nikhil Madan, Kumar Shivam, Anurag Jain
15 AirBits: A Web Application Development Using Microsoft Azure
Sahil Taneja, Mani Karthik, Mohit Shukla, Hitesh Kumar Sharma
16 West Bengal & Education Systems: The Need and Initiatives of Cloud Based Education Systems
Jayati Lahiri (Dey) and Ashoke Das
17 A Comparative Study of B2C and B2B e-Commerce Development Platforms
Aashish Jain
18 Carceptron: Prediction of car purchasing using Backpropagation Neural Network
Ravi Tomar, Aditi Chauhan, Hardik Kachhwaha, Prashant Kumar Gautam
19 e-Governance Initiative: A Path Towards Futuristic Identification Implementation in Indian Education System
Chinmaya Dash, Prakash Chandra Behera, Somanjoli Mohapatra
20 Performance Enhancement using SQL Statement Tuning Approach
Hitesh Kumar Sharma, Nikhil Madan, Kumar Shivam, Anurag Jain
21 Shprior: A Customer Assistance System Using Apriori algorithm
Krishan Chawla, Mithilesh Joshi, Vedika Pathak, Ravi Tomar
22 Geometric Canvas
Tomar Ravi , Gupta Akshat, Patni Ayush, S. Muthazhagu
23 Automatic Estimation of Crowd Density
Jugal Kishor Gupta, S K Gupta
24 Hardware Tuning Based Approach for Datawarehouse Tuning
Hitesh Kumar Sharma, Nikhil Madan, Kumar Shivam, Anurag Jain
25 Comparative analysis on Routing Protocols in MANET
Aastha Mishra, Shweta Singh, Arun Kumar Tripathi
26 Development of Optical Microbial Biosensor for Reflectometric Nitrite Ion Detection
Ling Ling Tan, Siti Nur Syazni Mohd Zuki, Nina Suhaity Azmi, Lee Yook Heng, Kwok Feng Chong
27 How Event Management has changed in 21st century: Analysis of Woolgoolga Curryfest Festival
Anuj Kumar, Parul Aggarwal
28 Market-Based Stock Pricing Model
Alex Tham, William Lau
29 A Statistical Analysis on Demand of Security Devices in India
Varun Kumar, K Tara Shankar
30 Significance of Marriage as Social Institution in Indian English Writings
Gunjan Jain
31 The Effectiveness of Debate Practicing to Improve English speaking ability – A Case Study at Tactical English Enrichment
Devi, De Lara Siti Maulida
32 Development of Transdisciplinary Models to Manage Knowledge, Skills and Innovation Processes Integrating Technology with Reflective Practices
Ng Khar Thoe
33 Childhood Problems, their Causes, and Treatments from the Sunnah and Contemporary Psychology: An Analysis
Muhammad Tahir

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