IR Prof. Dr. LEONG Wai Yie

IR Prof. Dr. LEONG Wai Yie

IR Prof. Dr. LEONG Wai Yie is Pro Vice Chancellor at INTI International University, Malaysia. She received her PhD in Electrical Engineering and bachelor’s degree (Hons I) in Electrical Engineering from The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia, in 2005 and 2000. She has authored 6 book series that highlight Electronics and Biomedical Engineering innovation.

Wai Yie is currently the Immediate Past Chairperson of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (Malaysia Local Network), the Vice President of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and Vice President of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists, and Deputy Vice-Chair of World Federation of Engineering Organization (Women in Engineering Committee). She is the Chairman of IEM INFOPUB, IEM Chief Editor and IET Editor. She specializes in medical signal processing and telecommunications research.

She has been researching IR4.0, wireless sensor networks, ultra-wideband, and wireless communications, and Brain Signal Processing for signal conditioning and classification in various EEG-based mental tasks. She has developed a gait analysis system and upper limb tracking system. The novel bio-informatics technique has been commercialized and licensed to healthcare companies to extract essential features on biomedical signals.

Her research works have contributed to cultural enrichment, quality of life, health and well-being and enhanced the biomedical research capacity, knowledge and skills of businesses and organizations. The research project has also contributed to wealth creation growth of biomedical companies, business revenue and innovative capacity. She has been awarded IEM Women Engineer of the Year 2018, IEM Presidential of Excellence Award 2015 and 2016, INTI Outstanding Alumni Award for Academic Excellence 2016. She is specialized in medical signal processing and telecommunications and has received the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian 2017, Top Research Scientists Malaysia 2017, and many more.

She has over 10 years of research and industry experience in Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Malaysia, with a special interest in biomedical signal & image processing, smart control, telecommunications and wireless sensor networks. She was also awarded a Young Scientist in 2013 (by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia) and has been elected as the Chair of the International Networking Group of Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM). She has been representing women engineers at meetings and discussions at United Nations.

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